Charles I. Addey

Doctorate Student / Research Assistant


Ocean and Environmental Science Research in Africa

Okeke, E.S., Olagbaju, O.A., Okoye, C.O., Addey, C.I., Chukwudozie, K.I., Okoro, J.O., Deme, G.G., Ewusi-Mensah, D., Igun, E., Ejeromedoghene, O., Odii, E.C., Oderinde, O., Iloh, V.C., Abesa, S., 2022. Microplastic burden in Africa: a review of occurrence, impacts, and sustainability potential of bioplastics. Chemical Engineering Journal Advances 100402.
Okeke, E. S., Ejeromedoghene, O., Addey, C. I., Atakpa, E. O., Bello, S. F., Ezeorba, T. P. C., Chukwudozie, K. I., & Okoye, C. O. (2022). Panacea for the nanoplastic surge in Africa: A state-of-the-art review. Heliyon, 8(11), e11562.
Adesina, R.B., He, Z.G, Dada, O., Addey, C.I.(2022). Sediment properties along the Nigerian Transgressive Mahin mud coast: Implications for erodibility and morphodynamic modelling. Journal of African Earth Sciences.
Addey, C.I., Nubi, O.A., Adelopo, A.O. and Oginni, E.T. (2018). Heavy metals pollution index of surface water from commodore channel, Lagos, Nigeria. African Journal of Environmental Science and Technology, 12(6), pp. 191-197. 

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