Charles I. Addey

Doctorate Student / Research Assistant



Autonomous Biogeochemical Argo

Ship-based surveys and satellite sensors are used to explore ocean biogeochemistry. These systems can't resolve processes with substantial spatial or temporal variability. BGC-Argo floats collect data year-round for several years.

Observing Air–Sea Interactions Strategy (OASIS)

A United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development programme working to develop a practical, integrated approach for observing air–sea interactions globally for improved Earth system.

Ocean carbon spatial and temporal variability

This project involves the use of ship-based oceanographic data, satellite observations to understand the biogeochemical spatiotemporal variability of ocean carbon and its air-sea interaction dynamics.

Interdisciplinary Marine Early Career Network (IMECaN)

This project provides a platform for early career marine researchers to develop collaborations; Provide leadership opportunities for ECR marine researchers, particularly from developing nations.

Ocean and Environmental Science Research in Africa

This project involves investigating Ocean and environmental issue in Nigeria and Africa generally. Projects were carried out in collaboration with other African geoscientists.


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